Theory portion completed online.  Very little classtime.


Awesome course to take.  It will five you the chance to dive with Oxygen Percentages from 22-40%.  you will learn the new risk compared to normal air and how much bottom time can be added with the proper blend.


Duration - Your time to complete online


Classroom - Knowledge review / Videos / Exam = Completed online

                    Time in person to confirm completion of course online.


Open Water Dives are optional = Rental cost for Enriched tanks are not included in course.


Open Water Dives 

-Day 1 = 2 dives 


Fill out paperwork and sign logbook's

ODZ-Enriched Air E-Learning

Course (Instructor))
  • Refunds will be on a case by case basis. Contact Staff for more details if need to discuss this option.


    Refunds are non-negoatiable for following Reasons === E-Learning Codes that are emailed to you // Materials that are used // Courses that are completed  // Gear used // Clothing that is worn

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Okinawa, Japan

Hours of Operation-

Tuesday - Saturday=1100-1800 

Sunday/ Monday = By Appointment