Free Advance Open Water when signing up for 5 specailties at current cost.  WIth ODZ when you pay for the 5 specialties with an instructor and you are given Advance Open water (books included) for FREE {E-Learning - Fees will be applied}


For this special you will start with the follwoing order for your specialties:

1.  Navigation Diver (Required for Advance)

2.  selected specialty

3.  Night Diver (highly recomended)

4.  Selected Specialty #2

5.  Deep Diver (Required for Advance)


Each specialty requires knowledge reviews to be completed and then the required amount of dives.  After diving - Logbooks and paperwork must be completed prior to certification.  


Can pay for all 5 specialties at once or pay one at a time.  Deep is completed last.


Rest of the info remains the same for Advance open water!


Advance open water is for the diver who wants to sample specialties.  You will get a taste of what the specialty courses are like.  Like any other course you will have Knowledge reviews that will be required to complete.  After that a breif od the skils that need to be completed during the dives.  sample course schedule:


Day 1

Navigation - 3 dives


Day 2

Nitrox - 2 dives

Night - 1 dive


Day 3

Fish ID - 1 dive

Night - 2 dives


Day 4

Deep - 2 dives

FIsh ID - 1 dive


Day 5

Deep - 2 dives


Sample for sure, speaking with you instuctor and selct a timeline that works for you.


*Deep/Underwater Navigation Required - **Night recommended

**Pick of sample Specialties during course (2) 


100ft/30m after completing the course.


ODZ-Advance Open Water FREE

Course (Instructor))
  • Refunds will be on a case by case basis. Contact Staff for more details if need to discuss this option.


    Refunds are non-negoatiable for following Reasons === E-Learning Codes that are emailed to you // Materials that are used // Courses that are completed  // Gear used // Clothing that is worn

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Hours of Operation-

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