Starting from the Basic Course (Open Water) earning all certifications through Instructor (Open Water Scuba Instructor-OWSI).


*You will only need to provide your own gear for all courses beyond Open Water.


**Payment plan can be established prior to starting.


***fees Optional depending on what you select.




Open Water Diver Course

-Knowledge Development (Classroom) 2-3 evenings

-Confined water (Pool) 1-2 days

-Open Water (Ocean) 2 days

-Quizzes and Exams/logbook completed with instructor signature


Advnace Open Water

-Knowledge development (Classroom) 1 evening

-Open Water (Ocean) 2 days

-Deep & Navigation sample specialty dives are required

-Night sample is recommended

-Pick of 2 sample specialties // discuss with instructor for your preference


Rescue Diver

-Knowledge Development (Classroom) 2-3 evenings

-Confined water (Pool) 1 day {Optional}

-Open Water (Ocean) 2 days

-Quizzes and Exams/logbook completed with instructor signature

-CPR (EFR Primary) & First Aid (EFR Secondary Care) are required to be completed within 2 years


Emergency FIrst Response {Primary & Secondary Care)

-Knowledge Development (Classroom) 1-2 evenings

-Practicial application (demo of skills)



To assist in obtaining the required 100 dives for Instructor the following will occur:

5 specialty ratings

-Deep (required to demo for Divemaster)


-Search & Recovery (required to demo for Divemaster)

-you and instructor decide

-you and instructor decide


Master Scuba Diver (MSD)

-Application completed and forwarded to PADI (fees - Your choice)


###Start of your professional journey to Instructor###


~~~Divemaster (DM)

-Mentorship with an instructor (multiple is advised and supported by our Staff)

-Develop Demo quality skills

-Knowledge base for theory fo scuba diving

-Work with customers

-Show example of how to be an embassador to our environment

-Complete In-water skills

-Divemaster lead programs

-Final exams 2 test 60 questions each

-Application mailed to PADI (Fee to PADI)


Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI)

-Knowledge Development 2-3 evenings

-Practical Application of 9 skills

-Complete knowledge review

-Final exam

-Application mailed to PADI (fee to PADI)



Instructor Development Course (IDC)

**Continuation of building on your professional skills


**Dive theory is started prior to the IDC for theory exams preparation.  Exams are the hardest part of the Instructor Exam (IE).  Multiple exams to preview and prep for the actual exam.


**IDC - 2-3 Week Program - evenings and weekends 


**Classroom - approx 20 courses of presentations


**Confined Open Water - 5-6 sessions presenting skills


**Open Water - 2-3 sessions presenting skills


**Exams - Theory (Physics, physiology, General skills, RDP, Equipment)

              Standards & Procedures

**Swim - 800 meters (not timed)


Preparing for the course prior to start:


*Read the encyclopedia from front to back.

*Work on demonstration quality for the skills.

*Rescue Exercise #7 (in water approach with rescue breathes and finish once all gear is removed)

*be ready to have FUN


Instructor Exam (IE)

-PADI Examiner will come

-Exams (Dive Theory/Standards & Prodecures)

-Confined water presentation

-Open Water presentation

-Knowledge presentation

-Complete paperwork

-Fees - If selected will be included. 

***IE Retest are not included in this course***


The goal of our course is prepare you for the real-world teaching, in addition to pass the Instructor Exam (IE).


Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Prep

-5 specialty ratings

-Application Mialed PADI (fee to PADI)

*~*Sepcialties beyond the 5 are paid for seperately directly to PADI (not included in fees)




Contact us for further details.

ODZ-Open Water to Instructor

  • Refunds will be on a case by case basis. Contact Staff for more details if need to discuss this option.


    Refunds are non-negoatiable for following Reasons === E-Learning Codes that are emailed to you // Materials that are used // Courses that are completed  // Gear used // Clothing that is worn

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