Duration - 1 day


Confined Water - N/A


Open Water Dives - 2


Age - 10 & up  


Skills Taught - Entry/Exit / Descent/Ascent . 


Boat Fees - Not included in Course


Visit locations not accessible from shore



Variety of Boat Charters are used for this course.  Cost of boat will vary and is not included in course.

ODZ-Boat Diver

Course (Instructor))
  • Refunds will be on a case by case basis. Contact Staff for more details if need to discuss this option.


    Refunds are non-negoatiable for following Reasons === E-Learning Codes that are emailed to you // Materials that are used // Courses that are completed  // Gear used // Clothing that is worn

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Okinawa, Japan

Hours of Operation-

Tuesday - Saturday=1100-1800 

Sunday/ Monday = By Appointment